I have always had a slight obsession with all animals, but my first true training experience came in middle school when my family started raising guide dog puppies. After raising two puppies of my own and having one graduate, I realized the impact a single animal can have on another person’s life. I then went to UC Davis and earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. My time at UCD gave me a solid foundation of knowledge, as well as hands-on experience with many different species of domesticated animals. When I graduated in 2010, I got a job with a boarding and training facility. Initially I was only looking to have fun working with dogs for a few months until I was able to find a real “grown-up” job. But about a month later, a position opened up in their training department, which I happily took. A few months after that, I received my Pet Obedience Instructor certification from Triple Crown Dog Training Academy, and I never looked back.

Over the course of six years, I worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners in board-and-train programs, group classes, and private lessons. I was able to work with all sizes, breeds, and ages of dogs. I dealt with everything from puppy and adult basic obedience, to more serious issues such as anxiety, fear, and aggression.

In early 2016, I decided I was ready for a change, and took a giant leap to embark on my very own OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbusiness venture, Paw & Order Dog Training. My specialty is in-home private lessons and day trains, but I am always willing to customize a training plan that works best for the dogs and owners. I love the constant challenge in finding what works best for each individual dog, and helping owners apply these methods efficiently and successfully. The satisfaction of seeing the lives of an owner and dog change for the better is what keeps me going. Basically, I just love dogs, and I love helping people have well-behaved dogs!


Kali is my canine wingwoman. I got her in 2011 from the Nevada County Animal Shelter. Like many shelter dogs, 201154she had so much potential, but was far from perfect. After working her through a serious case of separation anxiety, as well as some serious health issues, she started helping me out with other dogs. Her job description varies from day to day, but her main jobs are to greet other dogs politely and calmly if we’re unsure of their behavior, be a fantastic demo dog, and, her personal favorite, to be a distraction dog (aka run around like crazy or play with toys to test client dogs on their ability to focus on their handler).

Kali’s favorite foods are everything except cucumbers and lettuce, and she loves sunbathing, chewing on antlers, long walks on the beach, and smelling dead fish at the river.

Every trainer needs a neutral, balanced dog. And for me, that dog is Kali.